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Hi! I’m Edmond Lau.

I teach people powerful tools for personal transformation and human connection — so they can radically expand the possibilities in their lives.

I used to be an engineer of software.

Now — through storytelling, workshops, and coaching — I help people engineer the changes they want in their lives, their relationships, and their work.

"As good as a Tony Robbins seminar."
– Jeff Schick
"Edmond’s workshop was phenomenal. Just phenomenal."
– Brina Lee, Former Engineer at Instagram

Bringing Engineering Thinking to Life Transformation

I break down complex and messy ideas like emotions, vulnerability, relationships, and reprogramming beliefs into simple frameworks that even engineers can understand.

I’ve been teaching them to thousands of people in workshops in the tech industry as part of my company Co Leadership for the past three years. Now I want to share them with you.

Because if engineers can figure these things out, so can you.

My Story

A few years ago, I thought I knew what success in life looked like.

I was an engineer, working at a hot Silicon Valley startup that got acquired, married to my college sweetheart. I’d even self-published a bestselling book called The Effective Engineer.

I’d done everything I thought I should be doing. And yet, a part of me felt trapped, unfulfilled, and lonely inside.

It’s taken some hard choices to re-commit to living a life oriented toward what my heart truly desired. I left my 17-year-long relationship — and 8-year-long marriage. I left millions on the table by quitting the acquired startup.

But in that journey, I created my dream life. I found the love of my life. I found work that resonates deeply with my sense of purpose. I found a sense of home in myself. I opened up my life to more joy and freedom than I ever imagined possible.

And now I’m inviting you to create your dream life, too.